Thursday, 8 July 2010

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Large mirror, large reflection by Dr Joanne

I have been so touched today, I am so lucky.
Thank you all you kind girlies who commented on my post yesterday. I feel like I shed a skin yesterday and can move forward. Iset off tonight to do my 2 miles, leggins and comfy pink trainers, only to find the local rugby team training on the rugby field! How dare they, don't they know about my mission? After a little huffing and puffing I decided on a different route and headed on my way. I ended up taking a walk along the river which runs behind our house, bouncing with each step as I sang along to songs from local boy, Paulo Nutini's new album "Sunny Side Up"

What song makes you want to shake your bum today?

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whitney-anne said...

Hey laura - thanks for the comment left on my art blog. Good idea to jointly blog about our endeavours. Email me through either blog and we can work out the details