Sunday, 7 March 2010

:: weekend love::

This weekend I'm showing my etsy shop Laura Baillie Designs some love. I have loved photographing on the lovely piece of grey slate I was gifted by a friend, but now with spring in the air I felt that a change was needed. I have decided to go with the vintage, French, ephemera feel and I am so happy with how they have turned out.

I have used some decorated chopped tomatoe cans as props. Have a look tomorrow and see if you can spot them. And I'll give you a little :: day of diy :: on how to make your own later in the week.

I'm also thinking about what creations would be perfect for my Mum for Mother's Day this year. She shares my love of birds, so I'm thinking something sewn and bird like.


Red Bird Jewellery said...

oh interested to see these cans!! not spotted one yet. Pic looks lovely!

Louise Elizabeth ♥ said...

Pretty necklace - reminds me of ice :)

Laura Bray said...

You are always so good at staging your photos! And to answer your question...I LOVE cupcakes and all things cupcake.