Monday, 20 April 2009

I have a plan....

Things are going well over hear in my comfortable spot in blogland. I have been sticking to my 3 main objectives and am seeing results in all areas, hoorah!I am getting there with book keeping, I should have mine done for to it my target date and maybe one other set.
The excercise regime is going well too, it is getting slightly easier each time I do it and I will have toned abs in next to no time. In all honesty it is still the sparkley stars which are keeping me going, I know, I am such a big kid. I have treated my self to it on DVD, all this old fashioned rewinding is taking up too much valuable time.
The Artists Way group with Suziblu is going really well too. I have been reading and writing and am on day 8 of the 12 week course. In an effort to keep me focused on the book keeping I had said to my self that all making would have to be put on hold. I know my self too well and will get engulfed by a new and exciting design and not want to go back to job in hand. But I have been finding it quite hard, so got the thread box out again the other night and have been doing little bird pictures. The one above has a little border round it which I will stitch tonight.
So it has been kind of strange working through this Artists Way book, which is looking at all areas of creativity and our perceptions of it and I have chosen to start it at a time when I have to side step from my own creativity!
I have a little pile of sewing to share with you but I'll finished them off first.


Tracey said...

Hi thanks for returning to my blog, I find it really encouraging when people return. I am planning some cards and other printed items for my shop but as you have mentioned yourself it is just finding the time! (to be honest though I started to learn crochet in the new year and am making a blanket which I can't seem to put down!, it is so addictive!)
Take care
T. x

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you Laura! I've missed you! This embroidery looks wonderful!! I'm excited to see what else you have up your sleeve! xo!

katydiddy said...

That bird is darling! It would look wonderful in a quilt! Keep going on The Artist's Way. It's worth finishing. It took a few false starts as well, but I'm so glad I eventually made it all the way through!

LornaSmithStudio said...

hey sweetpea...lovin the embroidery. Gorgeous! I'm at work feelin like poo, eating salad and thinking of cakes...ho hum.
L xxx

littlebird said...

well done you for setting yourself goals and managing to stick to them, not easy i know.
Embroidery bird looks wonderful : )

Julia said...

Go Laura, go! I'm so happy you're plunking away at those goals, it's inspiring!