Monday, 1 June 2009

Sleeping by the fan

Today is another glorious day and the little man is feeling the heat. But instead of moving from the baking sun he will lie there untill he has over heated! I got the fan out yesterday and he has taken to sitting by it now for all of 2 minutes then going right back into the sun!
I have a busy day ahead and a plan, which means there is no stopping me. I am hoping to have some new designs to share with you tomorrow and show off the best salad ever. I am now on day 2 of no bread, white pasta, or white rice. For the last few weeks have really been feeling the slump after lunch, like dizzy, faint and sick. So in an effort to stabalise my blood sugar levels I have cupboards full of rye bread, Quinoa, and veggies. One of the things I am finding hardest is breakfast, I don't like cereal and since I can remember I have had a sandwich with meat and salad for my breakfast. So the swap to the rye bread in the morning is strange, but braking the habit of a lifetime! MrS has been sent to work a sorry man, (poor guy!), he returned from the morning walk with Pablo with 4 Morton's rolls. Those of you who like in Scotland know these are the best rolls in the world, but they are white. I slipped into a rage, that I couldn't have one and I wouldn't be making him any breakfast with them. I feel guilty now and know this is just the withdrawl. How silly does this sound, addicted to bread!
What foods would you find it hard to live without?


Sylvia C. said...

I am so sorry for your loss (of bread).
You'll be in my thoughts during this time of mourning.


Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Chocolate, which is my favorite food in the whole world :~) I gave it up last year because it's one of the foods that gives me headaches :~(

I've also been mostly gluten-free for the last few years, with frequent lapses, because I love bread, too! So I understand what you're going through!!!

littlebird said...

i agree with Sylvia i could/would not live with out bread! oh the soft doughy part in the inside of a croissant, a pan loaf with raspberry jam, warm cheese bread, bacon butties...
i am not helping am i?

Candace said...

Oh the little man is so wonderful a companion, I can tell!
Mmm. Spelt bread is good. We have a brand called Berlin. A little pricier but well well worth it. DEE licious.
I could not live without good coffee. Seriously, "bring out your dead" comes to mind when I think about the very idea. LOL.

Good luck!
Candace in Athens.