Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Experiment Update

"Sail away with me"

I am loving my little experiment, it is keeping me so orginized and I have lots and lots of lists on the go! I am working out the best times for me to list, counting daily views, twittering, stumbling, listing, relisting and making new goodies. And the most important thing, my new full on approach is translating into sales!

I am now on day 3 with out bread and it is getting a bit better, I would say that it is about 11 o'clock each morning that I think I would fancy some normal toast. One of the plus sides of having to be creative about lunch is all the amazing salads I am having. This one is this weeks favourite inspired by a suggestion by Lorna ,my neighbour:

-thinly cut cabbage,
-grated carrot,
-cubes of cucumber
-cubes oftomatoe
-cubes of gerkin
- celery
-mixed bean salad
-2 tbsp sunflower seeds
-2 tbsp vinigar
- small dollop of mayo (optional!)
This seems to be filling the gap and distracting me from heading straight for the cupboard to make a ham and salad sarnie, it's hard to break the habit of a life time. I'm keeping a note of my moods too, what a laugh, lots of "angry- want to steal Mr LB's breakfast"!
What summery salads would you recommend for me for next week?


Sylvia C. said...

My favorite is garden tomato, FRESH mozzarella, and basil.



Sylvia C.

Tracey said...

well done on keeping up the no bread diet! I'm so rubbish I keep attempting it then I cave. Think I may try again though I'm also considering cutting out cheese and mayo too! Need to find a strong will first though!

ei! kumpel said...

this salad looks so yummy! and the weather is perfect for salads!!