Sunday, 31 May 2009

A beautiful day

I have just popped inside for a little afternoon nap in the shade. The weather here is absolutely glorious so I have been enjoying 15 minute stints in the sun. I love the smell of hot summer days, but don't like sitting in the baking sun, so I in now for about the 10th for a big glass of water and lime and some surfing!

I have finished retaking all my photographs and have been making a few new pieces. I love this bracelet, all purple and precious and in the shop.
I am going to run a few experiments this week:
1. twittering
2. blogging
3. listing new items
4. relisting
5. making (of course)
I'm going to keep a note of my stats and see what is most effective. I'm loving Google Analytics, I can find out so much info and try and use it. I'm going to be quite strict with my time and see if I can find a happy balance between createing and promoting. I'll post my finding here on Tuesday 9th June, so I can give it a full 7 days.

Hope you are all having a glorious Sunday too!

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