Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Discoveries on my journey

"Moondrift" bracelet in the shop
Just a little update to let you know that my experiment is going so well, 1-2 sales a day!
I am twittering, commenting on blogs, reading everything on Etsy's Resources section and listing 1 or 2 new items a day. This is me now into week 2 so at the end of this I will have a fair idea of what is really working. During my reaserch I have found some really helpful tools, this one in particular, an Etsy Fee Calculator. On this site you can work out how much your fees are costing you, along with your time and materials allowing you to work out the base line selling price for your items. It was a real eye opener for me for some of my listings, so I have them sorted now!
I would like to say a big thank you in this post to MrLB, Stuart. Over the last week he has stepped into the role of delivery man for me. Last night he even stuck postage labels for me so that we could watch a film together. He is so supportive of me and my business, always encouraging me and his practicle mind finds simple solutions for my problems.
Things to do today
make soup- lentil and carrot (MrLB came in with a 1kg bag last night!)
hang out another washing - must make the most of sun in Paisley
make 2 new pieces of jewellery - wedding themed I think
photo, fix and list them - just after dinner
source some new findings - I have an idea! (I'll fill you in when they arrive)
do the dishes - my least favourite job at the moment
What is your least favourite job to do today?


LornaSmithStudio said...

OMG the dishes! they are calling at me from the kitchen and I just ignore them but need to do them tomorrow. Can't escape them any more. Good ol' Mr LB. What a star x I a long list yesterday.. the first for ages and feel loads better. keep up the hard work...well done on the sales xxx

ei! kumpel said...

the yellow flower is stunning!

My favourite job for today is planning some visits, my family is coming and I was to show them some beautiful places :)