Thursday, 11 June 2009

What do you get?

What do you get when you mix your two loves?

"Something old, something new 020" available here


"Delicate Musings" available here

Well I am working on something new, a little something special and I'll keep you posted with sneaky updates.

I have a busy day planned, I aim to:

make up and list 2 new designs in the shop,

visit all your blogs - neglect again,

try to work my head round html code for a newsletter and new blog layout,

give LBD2 some love.

On the experiment front, things are still going well. Using Google Analytics I have worked out the times when my shop gets most of it visits, so I am trying to list then. I am also finding more people heading back to the shop regularly and I think this is because I am listing new items everyday. I am still getting a sale a day and want to keep the momentum going. I read an old Storque article yeasterday "make everyday a holiday" and I am going to try and impliment this this week.

I have found that now in week 2 my shops hearts are increasing by 1 or 2 everyday as well. Again I think this is because I am listing more often and reaching more potential customers. It is all a learning curve, but I'm having so much fun doing it, and I have realised the most important change I have made is taking my Etsy shop more seriously and believing that I too can be a successful seller. Believeing in my self!


P.S. head over and visit a new friend I have made from Twitter no less! is the home of beautiful photographs, interesting finds and great interviews.


Sylvia C. said...

You do have EXCELLENT taste in blogs, I must say.

Happy Friday!


soulyluna said...

so pretty! just found your blog via etsy forums. thanks for the 2-shop inspiration!