Thursday, 4 June 2009

Fantastical Friday

I have had a lovely quiet day today, it started a bit rough with a sore throat and runny nose but things got better after an afternoon snooze then a visit to my Mum to fix her kitchen lights and MrLB's Mums' to set up her wireless router. (MrLB is a good man!)

But on to the important stuff, I know it is a bit last minute but tomorrow I'm having a

12am-12pm GMT

All necklaces will be reduced to $17 / £10.50 for Friday only. And a little bonus for all my friends in blogland I'm offering you FREE SHIPPING. Just leave the code "FF01" in the message to seller box and I'll refund you the shipping costs! Spread the word and the code if you like!
I'll go now and make up some new necklace designs so there will be a couple of new delights for you to chose from.

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'fancypicnic' said...

hi!! hope your friday is being fantastic - making lots of sales!

thank you so much for your sweet words recently. finally, things are getting back to normal, if a little slowly!! where does all the time go?!

Stumbleupon? Hmm...haven't braved it yet...