Tuesday, 22 April 2008

My weekend was a creative one, how can I stop Pablo chewing my shoe laces, how can I divert him from running off with my bath towel, and how can I encourage him to sit for treats! Appart from that I did take some time to sit in the garden and enjoy my lovely tulips which are in full bloom and read in the sunshine. I feel compelled to sit outside in the sunlight here, I think it is because in Scotland you just don't know what the weather will be like over the next few hours.

My little stint in the garden inspired me to make up some card gift packs, using one of the snowdrop photos from my Mums garden. I had run out of white card which I think frames the image well so I decided to cut to size some large linen card I found. They turned out well and the cream compliments the green of the stems I think.

I decided that I needed to give the shop some love too, I have been neglecting it a bit lately so I have been working on some new goodies and I will have all the photographs taken today and should be ready to list tonight. I am excited about these ones I have decided to use a different backgound for these ones, an old map! So in honour of some fresh designs I am going to have a little sale! I am going to get everything organised tonight and I'll do a post when the sale will comence.

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katydiddy said...

How funny! We are both being inspired by flowers right now.