Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Etsy Sale

Well, that is me I have finally reached my 100th post! So in honour of this I have opened the sale in the shop. I have also added a few new bracelets and there are new earrings to come this week. I have spent most of today photographing them and getting the listings ready to add over the next few days. I have also decided to change the way I name my items and have gone for French girls names. This way they take on more of an identity and are a little more exciting sounding. What do you think, something a bit different or simple description?



Happy Tuesday evening, off now to tidy my desk and read my book!


katydiddy said...

I LOVE the new product names. It will adds an elegant air to your site! Great idea!

Laura said...

i love the french names! your jewelry is lovely--so simple and delicate.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful names, and earrings! And Happy Bloggaversary! Haha! 100 posts! I'm close... about at 85. Great work!

Enjoy tidying and reading! A perfect Tuesday afternoon. :)