Monday, 10 March 2008

Pure Heaven

Well I decided I was going to spend some time today making up some inspirational collages for the wall that my desk faces, and here is one of them! Chocolate delight. I have mentioned before how much I love food photography, anything from cupcakes to beautifully styled sandwiches! I think it all started during my final year at art school. My specialism was knitted textiles and one of the schools sponsors was Rennie Yarns. They set us a competition, to use their yarn in an creative and unique way for a display for them to take to an International trade show.

I decided on knitted and felted chocolates and I came 2nd! During my research I spent a lot of time photographing chocolate, reading books on it and it was at the same time that the film "Chocolate", with Jonny Depp and Juliette Binoche was out in the cinema! This is where it all began, I don't really like eating chocolate, but love the smell and how amazing some of them look.

It is coming up to my 100th post so I'm going to run a little competition, I haven't quite decided on the fine details yet but more to come very soon, and I have some very special delights for prizes!!!!!


Sylvia C. said...

Great collage!

I love to see what creative things you will come up with next.

I have a food photo at my blog today...

Go take a bite when you get a minute..

Happy Monday!
Sylvia C.

lucykate crafts... said...

i love that film, i'm sure i could smell chocolate the whole time i was watching it!

katydiddy said...

YuMMMMy Blog Post! How about some chocolate earrings?

Antonio Gould said...

Hey Laura,

Great blog! Good luck with the social media strategy!


mushroommeadows said...

I love....LOVE....LOVE the yibble card!!! So cute! :)

and did you say competition!!! I'll be there. :D