Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Sibble and Dibble

Tonight's Yibble inspiration came from my bo bringing me a small bunch of dafodills. We were out visiting my bestist friend and on the way home he nipped in to get some bread and came out armed with flours! What a man, this is so special because it's not really his thing, he prefers to buy me a plant that will last for years not just days. But he said they had been reduced to 30p and he couldn't resist.

Now less of the soppy stuff, I have decidied on my competition so pop by tomorrow evening for more details and how to enter.

Just finished this bracelet as a little commision and wanted to let you see. I love the cubes of rose quartz with the large gunmetal beads, pink and jet are one of my favourite colour combinations. I think I'll make another one up for the shop this week.


MyArtInProgress said...

wow that bracelet is gorgeous.

MyArtInProgress said...

Thanks for the advice and nice comment!

Sylvia C. said...

Those "surprise" flowers are the best kind.

And grocery store ones are so much better than over-prices flower shop ones!

Sylvia C.
PS- Oftentimes, it takes an artist to know the value of a dollar!

ickleson said...

Hello, thank you for your kind message on my blog.
Hope your cousin is recovering well.

The Yibbles are adorable. x