Sunday, 9 March 2008

New Finds

new earrings in shop

What a wonderful weekend I am having! I have yet again gutted out my studio, I had to make some space for more of bo's tools which meant re-arranging lots of things, recycling lots of things and filling some bags for my friend's school to use for craft projects. As usual I created a whirl wind and more mess than there was to begin with, but now 1 day later I have a clear desk, more space and bo has somewhere for 1 new drill and box of plumbing bits!

I have taken down all my little photos and drawings that normally hang on the wall that I face at my desk and I am trying to decide what will go back up, I feel ready for some fresh inspiration, and while I was digesting posts from my daily read lists I found a new facinating blog, A Fanciful Twist and she made this amazing post about using her magazines as inspiration but rather than just piling them high, she has made beautiful collages from them so she can see them every day. What a great idea, so that's another thing for my list.

"Love Me page......" by fleamarketstudio

I was uploading some new jewellery pics to flicker and would like to share a recent find with you. This is fleamarketstudio, she has beautiful art pieces and make journals from thrift store finds. I love the delicate feel of the colours and textures and her work is an inspiration to me!
Happy Sunday all x


katydiddy said...

I love A Fanciful Twist! She's always very inspiring. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Please share!

Anonymous said...

Taking a wee study break to say hi to my friends!
Can't wait to be on VACATION! I'm going crazy! :)
Hope you're having a restful week! :) Can't wait to write more soon,