Saturday, 15 March 2008

I have arrived!

I would like you to meet Annelise, she was born last night at 9.56pm and isn't she cute? She is the first real, live Yibble! I have been wanted to do some more sewing for a while now and keep looking at the beautiful pile of fabric and decided I would create a Yibble and see if that helps me focus on stories/ doodles ect. She is made of linen from namolio and she is stuffed with a cushion I got from a thrift shop. I have spent some time today working on the first of many "Yibble Adventures". And tonight I'm going to watch a movie and make some more of the family.

Now for your imput, what types of adventure would you like to see Annelise go on?

Got some lovely new earrings I'll be adding to the shop over the weekend so pop by for a wee look. And I'll let you into a little secret too, I'm getting ready for an etsy spring sale! More details coming soon.

I went to one of my local thrift shops the ther day to hand some things in and could not resist these 2 little jars. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to put in them, but my bo has been full of useful ideas, his favourite being one for collecting his tummy button fluf! Somehow I just don't think so!

A big hello to all you new visitors to my blog and thanks for enetring my competition. Keep your entries coming, you still have another 16 days to enter. (I know it seems like ages away!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura!! I feel like I've missed so many posts of yours! :( I've been so busy! I'll have to do some reading!!

Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my blog while I've been away! I hope that you are having an amazing time crafting and creating! Annelise is AMAZING!!! I can't wait to see more creations come from you!! I just dropped $25 at Joann's pretending I could sew, and now I have a bunch of craft stuff waiting for me to get ideas! :)

Hope you enjoy your weekend! (It feels good to be blogging again! I have missed it!)

Florence said...

Tummy button fluff! How much can one family produce? Surely not enough to fill that lovely jar!


Frances said...

The Yibble is adorable.
You can find out about bloglines at

Frances said...

oops that's

Sophie said...

Oh Annelise is adorable! Cant wait to see the rest of her family!
I can imagine her being a little girls favourite toy. I can see her getting carried around by one of her little arms and being accidently let go and embarking on a toy-story like adventure to return to her owner!