Thursday, 13 March 2008

Play day

Firstly thanks for all the comments on my 100th post competition, I'll put all the names from all the comments from yesterday until March 31st into the draw so keep adding your reasons for blogging and top tips.

These are a couple of new earrings I added to the shop today, and I have lowered some of my prices too, to make room for new stock, so pop by and have a wee peek. Tonight I spent some time with my little friends the Yibbles and even brought myself to bring out the water colours! I have never really learned how to paint with them but just love how they look with the fineliner, but hey who cares it's all about enjoying what you're doing isn't it? What are your favourite materials to work with just now?
I have just started making time for play dates and although it is hard at first to say 'no, I won't put those clothes away, or clean the kitchen, instead I'm going to play!'. But when I'm done it is so much more rewarding than filling another load in the washing machine. What do you like to do on a play date?

"Spreading the Love" was inspired by all the new friends I have made in blogland!


A Fanciful twist said...

Oh What lovelinessssss youa re up to!!! ;) Happpy Weeekend!!!

MyArtInProgress said...

I love those new earrings you made. I just got my new etsy store up and running (even though their is only one thing in their right now)and yours was one of the first ones I hearted :) Take care. Sarah

Rikkianne said...

Oh my.... first, thank you so much for your comment. I clicked onto to your blog and shop and instantly smiled. ALL of your creations are amazing. You have just gained a new fan:) Have a wonderful weekend.... I am off to mark your shop as a fave:)

Sophie said...

The heart earrings are gorgeous! And I love the 'sprending the love' illustration. What a lovely way to sure your appreication for all your blogging friends!

Frances said...

Love spreading the love.
Thanks so much for dropping by my blog.
I like to play around with colored pencils every once in a while.
Actually you've inspired me to get them out tomorrow.
Waving at you from New York,

cath said...

Love your creativity! Great pictures and fun blog. Makes me want to update my blog and then go play in Etsyland!