Thursday, 3 January 2008

Happy New Year

I am back, holiday is officially over and now it's back to work. I have had a lovely break and am refreshed and full of ideas and things to get making.

I have sorted out my Flickr account and joined some groups this time, I think that was where I went wrong the last time, nobody knew I was out there! I have also been going through my photographs for my new etsy shop and added this the other day.

I got this in a beautiful bouquet of flowers last year for my birthday and don't really know what type of flower it is. I got lots of suggestions on an etsy forum but so many to chose from, so I'm calling it 'Violet Crunch' for now! I got my second treasury yesterday too. , I called it 'Come fly with me'. And I was featured in 2 other treasuries this week too. A big thank you to Kala and Samskiart for including me!

This is 'Key to my heart', a lovely valentine themed bracelet using a combination of rose quartz chips, swarovski crystals, jet bicones and other little gems. I added a key charm I have had for ages but didn't know what to do with before. I have just finished another blue/ aqua bracelet tonight so i'll get that added to the shop tomorrow. I am also working on cards tonight, lots of red and hearts and love!


Blaze said...

Happy New Year Laura! Here's to accomplishing many wonderful goals this year!

windycorner said...

Hi Laura-Happy New Year! That flower looks like liatris which grows from a bulb. Great photo-by the way. Looks like the perfect opportunity came around for that key. Your patience payed off.

coonies said...

that's a gorgeous bracelet!