Saturday, 5 January 2008

Etsy forum

(photo from carasel in Paris at end of Champs Eleyse 2002)
I was on etsy the other night and joined a thread, 'calling all bloggers' and book marked it for a better read later, and that time has come! I am sitting just now working my way through the list and have found some amazing blogs, inspiring people and lots and lots of beautiful goodies!!!!

One blog I have found so far which I am really interested in is Christina Perdue's "30 days to a better shop". She was featured on Etsy's storque with an article about it too. I am going to start tomorrow and give it a go my self and see how I get on, I love a list!!! So watch this space.
Now I'm going back to the forum list to check out some more blogs.


Anna Laura said...

Hey thanks for the comment on my blog! I saw you're from Paisley, my boyfriend is from there and went to Paisley Grammar.

I think I might have to start doing some photoshop tutorials, I have a feeling I know a little bit about it but there is probably about 2993 things I don't know and wish I did.

Anna Laura said...

He said he was there the first night it opened and got a free Sambuca. It was one if his regulars. Did you go to Paisley Grammar?