Thursday, 6 December 2007


This is a photo I took of a pot of flowers at my Mum's house during the summer. She has asked me to make a card for her friend so I was looking through my photo bank and found this and I think she might like it. Looking back over all my flower photos always fills my heart up, I know it sounds really naff but I get so much pleasure from the beauty of plants and flowers. I always feel robbed when I see a flower that stops me in my tracks and I don't have my camera to record its beauty.

I have been out helping my bo at work today and we didn't get home till late so I decided to have a night off making, I have lots to do tomorrow so I don't feel bad about it.

FRAME UPDATE: I was all excited about photographing the finished frames but the black gloss paint round the edges was still wet so we had to wait untill tonight to lay the paper on them. I say we but really mean my bo, I am surfing blog land and he is patiently laying down the sheets. He has just told me they will be ready to photograph tomorrow morning!


Kim said...

I totally understand your feelings about plants and flowers and also the frustration of seeing something that you wish you could photograph but you don't have your camera with you! Today I was walking and saw a bunch of beautiful fall leaves (even though it's December, it's like Fall in California) strewn across the sidewalk and they looked like a mosaic to me. I wanted a picture...but no camera.
ah well........ lovely picture by the way of the flower. What kind is it?

windycorner said...

Hi Laura,
My mom has lots of hellebores, too. I love them but they won't grow in my zone. Beautiful photo!