Wednesday, 5 December 2007


I found this photo today, I was scanning in some pictures for my aunt today of her mum and dad, and this one was from their wedding day. I love it.

I am sorry I haven't been posting much but I have lots of orders coming in and I am limiting my internet time to absolute essential at the moment or else I would get nothing done! I made up 55 last night and finished them off today, and got one set posted off and have the rest to deliver tomorrow, so I had a productive day. It got so dark today so early and it feels really cold, so I made a batch of chilli to keep me going and it worked mmmmmm.

My bo has been busy working on frames for me too, we are sitting in the living room surrounded by frames and the scent of gloss, how nice! They should be dry in the morning so I'll be able to but my designs on them and get some photos up for you to see. This one was a practice one using some of my friends wall paper, and I drew on top of the indented black bits with silver pen to highlight the lovely shapes. My bo has painted the frames black and they look much better.
To make them he used: 33 x 18cm finished pine battons x 4 ( any lengths you like)
sheets of hardboard for front
panel pins
He is so good to me!

I also posted off my first Pif today to Blaze, if you are out there it is on it's way across the water as we speak. I really enjoyed spending the time today wrapping it all up, getting me in the mood for all the christmas wrapping ahead. I have decided this year I am going to use magazine pages as wrapping paper and decorate them with ribbon. We go through so much paper and card at Christmas I feel I have to do my bit, and they look fab as well.
Happy Wednesday night!


Blaze said...

Ooh! Thanks Laura! I can't wait! And I hope you enjoy those Target goodies! :)

Also, If you want to send me a message at Etsy with your address, I would love to send you a Christmas card this season! :)

windycorner said...

Hi Laura
Just found your blog and I love the jewelry you've made. Also the wall paper fragment with silver is gorgeous. Will check back soon.

windycorner said...

Hi Laura,
Yes, you're welcome to add me to your list. Christmas is my favorite time of year for so many reasons so I'll be writing about it all month. Come back soon.