Saturday, 8 December 2007

DIY decorations

I just found these amazing decorations on black eiffel's blog, aren't they beautiful! And she has a link to a tutorial for them too, here. I have just printed the templates off to make these up myself! So I'll let you see the finished articles.

I made some more earrings this morning too, my new beads and findings I ordered came this morning so I'll get them added to my etsy shop soon. I have had a lovely day today, it has been rainy and dull here today so I've been sitting in our living room with the heting up and candles burning making away, and to top it all off my bo has just finished making beautiful leek and potato soup mmmmmmm.

There is something special about someone making your tea for you, and especially tonight when I'm feeling a little under the weather, hot soup and hot water bottles make me smile inside and out.

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Audrey said...

Hope you feel better soon, {{HUG}}