Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Here we go, third time lucky I'm going to try and get these cards up, i think they were saved too big, but we'll see. Yes!!!! That's what it was, and they were saved as pdf files too! I have really enjoyed doing these, and now I just hope they sell.

I did all of the designs on Photoshop, for the purple tree card. I started with a layer which I made pink, then a layer of text 'merry christmas'. Then a new layer which smaller rectangle in white, and then put a dark purple border round it. Then a new layer in a lighter shade of purple than the text and border and used the shape tool to make the tree, decorated it with stars and text. Then I used the magnetic lasso tool and copied the tree onto a new page and saved as a separate image. Then I went back to my original design and flattened the whole thing and saved it. Next I opened Illustator and printed off the flattened image and the separate tree and cut both out and used the flattened image as a background and the single tree as a card topper.

I'm sorry if this is a bit garbled, this is my first ever computer tutorial! And I have descovered how huge digital scrapbooking is and think I have been doing it for years and making them into cards but didn't even know it!

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