Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Competition time!

name that chain
this months competition was to help me decide on a name for this new silver charm necklace.
Entrants had to share this Facebook post on their page, then leave me a comment with their suggestions.
Thank you soooo much to everyone who joined in and gave me their fantastic names. All 50 of you!!!!

To keep it all above board I wrote out all suggestions, folded them up, and put them in my favourite bowl.

Drum roll please.......

1st prize goes to Caroline McLaren
for "Come fly with me"

Congratulations Caroline, you'll get your very own 
"come fly with me" charm necklace in the post!

But with so many wonderful suggestions I just couldn't leave it there.......

 I love this suggestion by Melanie Smith. 

I think this is the perfect name for this necklace, don't you?

 This little bird charm necklace is now called "On the wings of love". Thank you Melanie! You win 50% off any item in my shop! I will send you a message on Facebook with your winning code.

But please do not be disheartened all of the rest of you who didn't win. I would like to offer you all  a 25% discount code, as a huge thank you for taking part in my competition. I will send you all messages via FB with your codes.

Thank you again to everyone who joined in, keep those creative juices flowing for next months competition! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura! What a great idea to have a contest to name your work! Love it!

I hope you are enjoying this fall! :)