Thursday, 28 October 2010

:: while i've been away

Dala horse...

:: I have hosted the first of 5 jewellery & gift parties

:: I have lost 4 lb from dancing about my living room on the wii

:: found the cutest new supplies, charm love......

:: My fridge has broken so the milk keeps going off

:: Pablo choked and Mrlb had to do the heinlich manuver on him. very scarey but he was back up and trying to eat his own puke within 2 minutes

:: I have been playing around with my new love - air dry clay (pics to come)

I have been so busy getting orginised for these parties and then working on orders from the first one that I have been awol for such a long time. I am going to start writing some posts on how to do your own with tips and things I have learned along the way. But first I have to clear my current things to do list, so my posts over the next wee while will be short but very sweet.

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