Wednesday, 29 September 2010

:: work in progress ::

Hand painted stars £9.95 from dotcomgiftshop

shooting star cage unbrella £22 Cath Kidson

Karen Walker Inuit Star Print Shirt £69 from Urban Outfitters

silver scatter stars £20 from Cox & Cox

This post was inspired by my wanting for a new jolly brolly. This bright and cheerful umbrella from Cath Kidson would do just the trick. There is something magical about stars, the way they glisten like diamonds, the fact the are so far away and to me the = bedtime.

I have been a quiet busy bee working on new designs and other commissions and mulling over some festive ideas. I have my plans all sorted now, so I'll be able to keep you all up to date now that I have something to share! I have 3 "Festive Frolics" planned so far for this year and I am looking forward to being orginized well in advance. I should have flyers to share very soon.

I have been doing these festive frolics for the last 5 years. They are a great way of getting lots of girls together for chocolate, mulled wine and shopping. I host one in my flat, one at my Mum's house and go to others girls' houses too!

I have my dates set... I just need to design a little flyer now and let folks know the when, where & what of it all. I have written out a list of all the girlies I think might like to come, and am gong to do a flyer drop round my neighbourhood. I am always agast at the thought of thinking of Christmas so early, but you know what happened to that early bird.....

stage 1 ~ plan what I am gong to make/ sell at ff parties
stage 2 ~ design and send out flyer - email, post, flickr, facebook
stage 3 ~ start working on festive delights mmmm....
stage 4 ~ package everything up
stage 5 ~ write up stock sheets and price lists
stage 6 ~ plan set up
stage 7 ~ host a festive frolic!

So this is where I am at! I'll keep you posted with all my goings on and progress.

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Ann said...

Me too loves those cute and lovely items...
I can't wait for Christmas...:)