Tuesday, 11 May 2010

:: my life ::

I have been have trouble, demoralizing trouble. I have written, planned and filmed 4 video tutorials. But once I have transfered them onto my computer they won't open in the any of the movie editing packages I have.

I have tried changing the settings on my camera, downloading "codec", compressing and converting them, and still nothing. I am sooo disappointed, I had plans for a whole series on me and my work. But at the moment everything has come to a halt.

Maybe I have to take this as a sign for the moment that the world isn't ready for my film making, and I should go back to the drawing board, and read up more about the technical things. Who was it that said it would be easy?

While I struggle with my movies here's a little one I think you'll enjoy.


Anonymous said...

How frustrating, poor you! Have you installed all the software that came with the camera? I usually try and do without to not clog up my laptop, but sometimes it is needed to edit footage. What program are you trying to edit with?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your firewall is having issues. Try turning it off, then plug in your camera & download.

whitney-anne said...

Love the technology - hate the technology! How frustrating!

The Print said...

Hey Laura, if you email me the suffix (.avi, .mov, etc) that your files are in, perhaps I could help you. I work as a video editor by day. Great designs! And I love the stop-motion video you made recently. Really gives your pieces a whole mood and character. -Shannon, theprintyards@gmail.com