Monday, 1 March 2010

:: inspiration ::

1. Easy Tutorial: Coffee Filter Wrist Corsage, 2. love letter corsage,
3. Corsage + Birdhouse, 4. corsage
I want to make some little gifts for all the girls who keep calling, poppng in and checking that I'm ok, and I thought beautiful corsages might be just the thing. There are so many different stules, materials, beads and ribbons to chose from. Then there is the style, simple and stylish or retro pop colours? I think I'll make each one to suit the girl it's for.
Today the novelty of being on my own has kind of worn off. Yesterday was lovely because I got to sew, surf and tidy. But by the evening it was getting sick of the sound of my own voice. I have some visitors coming this afternoon, the lovely Lorna, then another dear friend coming for tea. So I'm really looking forward to some chat and laughs with them.

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ei! kumpel said...

lovely idea, to make gifts for true friends!

have a great week!