Tuesday, 2 March 2010

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:: corsage tutorial ::
Yesterdays inspiration got me moving and I started making a little selection of corsages and thought I would share my version of a tutorial I found.

Materials you'll need : scissors, thread, needle, 2 pieces of ribbon (I used 2 pieces of vintage cotton ribbon) both 10" long, a piece of felt, a bead for the focal point and a brooch fastening.

1. Cut your pieces of ribbon to 10".

2. Thread your needle and double it up, tie a knot at the end.

3. Put a stitch, about 1cm long at the bottom left edge of your first piece of ribbon.

4. Go over this first stitch another 2 times. This secured the end of the ruffle you are about to make.

5. Carry on with a running stitch to the end of the ribbon. Keep the stitch sizes the same and the spaces in between.

6. With the end of the thread still attached and in your right hand, use your left hand to gently pull the ribbon back on its self.

8. Now you can see your flower shape has appeared!

9. Turn the flower round to the back and hold both the ribbon ends in your left hand and stitch the 2 ends together. Cut and tie off the thread.

10. Now repeat these steps for your other piece of ribbon. I chose a chocolate cotton ribbon which contrast with the cream.

11. Stitch the 2 flowers together.

12. Select the bead you would like as the focal point. I chose a 14 mm white pearl. Place the bead in the centre of the flowers and stitch it to the centre.

13. Cut a circle from the felt big enough to cover your stitches on the back of the flowers. (My stitching was quite messy but contained so my circle is about 2".

14. Place the felt circle ontop of the stiching you want to hide and hold down your open brooch fastening. Stitch through the holes in the fastening pulling the flowers, felt and fastening together.

And there you have it, your very own fabric corsage.

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