Monday, 12 October 2009


It has been a lovely lazy weekend.

Saturday I started working on thank you tags for my shop packaging which meant emptying out my collage box and finding lots of things I had forgotton about. Having been inspired by lobster and swan a few weeks ago, I decided to use here 'washing line' display technique to share some of the loveliness I found.

washing line #1

A little while ago I had a collage frenzie and make up lots of little pictures and ACEOs to add to my other shop. But I didn't ever get round to listing them. I think deep down I knew there were a few I wanted to keep for myself, so put them into a folder. The fist picture hanging on my line is a small collage using a piece of recycled cereal box, book and old atlas pages and lovely printed papers.

So after finding these pieces and I got to work on some tags and come up with a new design for the gift boxes I use to post out my designs. I wanted something simple yet special and am happy with this.

And yesterday was spent eating breakfast in bed, reading the paper and snuggling with Pablo. Just perfect.


LornaSmithStudio said...

hey pretty girl..I'm back in blogland! HOORAH! Nice to be back. I'm having a giveaway so check it out. Gorgeous photo of Pablo and love the new gift wrap xxxxx

herzensart said...

oh beautiful little packages!

Annette F. Tait said...

the box looks very beautiful! must be the dark box with the gorgeous paper and bright ribbon - very classy.
and isn't Pablo just delightful, I bet he is a great snuggler!

me melodia said...

pablo looks very snuggable.

littlebird said...

Pablo looks like he is enjoying the snuggling too : )