Thursday, 16 July 2009

A little Thank You

"Cupcake Embroidery Decor" by Kattydiddy

This post is a dedication to all my loyal followers, visitors and folks who have been featuring me and my jewellery over the last week. Firstly I would like to thank Laura Bray of the creative emporium. Laura featured "My Etsy Experiment" part 1 in her monthly Ezine.
Laura Cameron a Uk based artist and designer awarded me a "One Lovely Blog" Award. Thank you!
And Tracey of Tracey Loves Pattern did a post on my new range.

"Home Sweet Home" by Tracey from

"China England 10" by Lousise Broomhead - etsy shop

Louise Broomhead posted one of my necklace that she bought and wore to a friend's wedding. (I bought this beautiful card from Louise last month and have it on my mantle peice awaiting a frame!
Thank you to everyone who has become a follower recently and to all my faithful readers. Visiting you all is always so inspiring and helps keep me connected to other creative people all over the world!


Laura Bray said...

Thank YOU for being so giving and sharing your experiment! I hope it continues to go well for you.

Louise Broomhead said...

Thank you for mentioning me Laura. I love your jewellery :D

Your new range of jewellery is stunning!!
Hope you sell lots of it :D


Tracey said...

Thank you for the link, I really do love your jewellery and am hoping to make a purchase soon. xx

Candace said...

Congrats for the recognition as it is well worth it. Love that first photo especially!
Take care.
Candace in Athens.