Tuesday, 23 June 2009

While I've Been Away

Sorry I've not been about much last week, it was my birthday so I had lots of visitors, treats, food and lovely cards! These are one of the beautiful bunch of flowers I was given. The rose petals look like velvet!

Don't you just love it - the inside of a card from knittwits jr. She has drawn me walking Pablo with my wellieboots on!
On the shop front laurabailliedesigns I am still working away on something new and a little bit special. As promised a little look at my work in progress.

I am really enjoying combining the elements of my 2 loves and shops. I am still working on these jewellery pieces and hunting down semi precious gemstones which will compliment each one. What do you think so far?

I'm having a $10 sale in the shop to make room for some of my new designs.


katydiddy said...

Happy Birthday Laura! I love the charms!

Sylvia C. said...

OH, I LOVE that you are mixing your talents! These are gorgeous... I really mean that!

Sylvia C.
PS- Happy Belated birthday!!

Jade E. Henderson said...

Very pretty jewellery! But I particularly like the drawing of you in your wellies! lol so cool.

bunzi said...

happy belated! and the pieces are very nice. :D