Tuesday, 6 January 2009

View from my window

I am still awake, it is 1am and I know I'm going to be soooo tiered tomorrow but I have been swept away on a wave of inspiration since sitting in on an EtsyLab Craft Night. I am now buzzing with ideas and have been stitchin away since 10.30pm, but I must try and get to sleep now!

I just wanted to share this beautiful photo of the view from my window yesterday, the sky was crisp and bright and I saw these beautiful shapes. Sometimes nature is my greatest inspiration.

What has inspired you today?


Rowena said...

I was inspired by my toddler flying around the room dressed in the fairy wings, flower crown and tutu that I made for her for Christmas.

And her big brother was a bad guy with powers in his black superhero... I mean supervillain cape.

LornaSmithStudio said...

Talking to you has inspired me today :O)
Gorgeous photos Mrs B. It was lovely seeing you today too.
It was friggin freezing on Montrose beach!

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Laura!! :) I hope 2009 has been treating you well! ;) Just wanted to pop in and say a little hello! And psst! I put up some engagement photos, if you want to see! :D