Saturday, 3 January 2009


Well after a long wait I have finally got my act together and re-opened laurabailliedesigns2!

I managed to use some relaxing days of the holidays to create and find my new creative flair and I have been really enjoying it. I initially opened this shop in October 2007 and dipped in and out of it listing and deleting different types of paper goodies but never really felt happy with them. Do you ever get that way with your creations?

This time I feel my work reflects my loves, paper, collage, text, paint, finding things and birds. And because of this I am making more than I have time to photograph and edit! So I'm going to have to sit down and sort out a time table for making, photogaphing, editing and listing for 2 shops, or else I fear I will end up in a muddle and going nowhere.


sunnie fairy said...

oh, congratulations! your new etsy looks great.

bunzi said...

very nice, i love your birdies!

LornaSmithStudio said...

Well done looks fantastic and I wish you every bit of success with your new venture.
Such a clever soul.
Love n hugs

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog, thank you for sharing this