Thursday, 18 December 2008

Gone but not forgotton

"Happy Christmas" by veeresh

Dear Blogland Friends,

I have been away from from you for some time now and owe you all an explanation. I have been very busy, making and delivery/ posting Christmas orders and getting ready for the holidays. On top of that my computer is on melt down. It keeps fizzing out as I'm working on it :( It seems to be getting too hot and giving up which is making things a bit tricky.

Luckily I can use my bo's computer but all my images are on mine so for the next wee while I will be sharing wonderous images from Flickr.

Things at no.9 are "beginning to look a lot like Christmas", we have our tree up, gold pine cones and sparkly stars on the fire place, and our tree is adorned with beads and jewels. I have made and sent out all my cards and have shipped out the last of my Christmas orders, and I am listening to festive songs as I clean and tidy ready for a break.

I made it through my last posts list and am working now on 2 main lists, Christmas and 2009. I am going to spend tonight wrapping all the gifts and making some ham soup. My bo is in bed with bugs and Pablo has just been curled up next to him so there is a strange quiet calm in the house (which I am making the most of!)

So in honour of the holidays, all be it a little late, I would like to have a Christmas/ New Year Giveaway. A little thank you to all the friends I have made since joining blogland last year. You inspire me, make me laugh, show me interesting things and keep popping in to say hello! So I would like to invite you to leave me a comment telling me your favourite Christmasy movie. The winner will get these little danglers (Tiny Jade Hearts) So get thinking and I will randomly select a winner on Tuesday 23rd Dec and post them out asap.

In the mean time, what is on your list to do today? x


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
the earings are beautiful and i would wear them whilst watching the Railway Children... not Christmassy but synonomous with Christmas as it's always on every year.
my to do list.... don't even want to go there!
have a wonderful holiday
warm wishes x

Megan Coyle said...

Things have been pretty busy for me as well. The holiday season has a tendency of doing that--being hectic. Anyway, the earrings are fantastic! Have a great Christmas!

tatjana said...

I'm heading out to my yearly christmas cookie baking fest.....I love the earrings...hmmm....christmasy movie.....not too original but I like The Grinch (the old cartoon one) a lot
happy Holidays

ei! kumpel said...

It's kind of cheesy, but my favourite Christmas movie must be Home Alone... it's so funny and it makes me remember of many Christmas spent at my grandparent's watching it will all my cousins!

Happy Christmas!
x margarida

katydiddy said...

I've been missing your posts! My favorite holiday movie is White Christmas.

sunnie fairy said...

Oh, pick me! ;] my fave Christmas movie is A Christmas Carol!

Cathy said...

Am I still in time for the giveaway? Anyway, my favourite Christmas film is The Wizard of Oz - it always makes me cry. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year Laura.