Monday, 20 October 2008

Game of Tag

Over the last couple of weeks I have been tagged twice, once by Octopi Crafts, Capitola Girl and Felt at Home. Thank you ladies! So I have been mulling over my 7 random facts all weekend and have decided to take a "100 things- no. 58, List your 10 most important things, (not including people or animals.)" slant on it.

1. The gift of flowers
I love giving and recieving flowers. This is a little section of a bouquet my Mum brought me the other day. The are wrapped in a fresh and autumny piece of bright orange voil, what a great idea!

2. My washing machine.
Sad, but true. I get a strange kind of pleasure sweeping up clothes, loading them in and taking them out smelling fresh. I love that it justs sits quietly in the cupboard, waiting for me to fill it with memories of each day, so that it can return them to me new.

3. Embroidery

I have a really short attention span, so projects have to be small and short to keep me interested. (I would not have been a forerunner in the Great Wall of China build!) So I am reall enjoying doing little bits of embroidery 8x 10cm

4. This ring!

My Bo found it under a floor board in a bathroom he was renovating. He asked the current and past owners if it belonged to them, but it didn't. So he took it to a local jewellers, who cleaned and resized it and he gave it to me! I think it is so beautiful, sparkly and delicate, but it is the fact it has a kind of lost history that intrigues me. I think we will have to do a bit more digging to try and hunt down the owner.

5.The view from my window.

This is the scene I see every morning and evening from my bed. I love the wall of thick old trees that seem to protect us. The last couple of days have been really windy, and I lie in bed listening to them sway and rustle.

6. Singing in the shower.
I think I mentioned before that my friend gave me this radio and insisted I have it in the toilet! At first I thought it was quite strange, but I am now a covert! Singing in the shower makes me laugh and gets me off to a good start each morning! Thanks Katie :)

7. A little Gallery.

I have started a little gallery all of my own, in a little alcove just off the hall in my flat. It is still small and has just a few pieces, but I love being on my way to do something and popping in to have a little look!
So there are my 7 random facts!
I would like to tag:


LornaSmithStudio said...

cheers for the tag are a star :O)
my wee drawing if of Forfar...I REALLY need new material!!
I'll have to see if I can add something to your wee gallery :O)
I hate my wahing machine!! It smells :O(
What's your favourite flower? Mine are tulips.
I'm rather fond of my view from my flat too XXX

sunnie_fairy said...

love your facts! the view is great! :]

Sylvia C. said...

Great photos~~! Great list!

hope all is well...


Sylvia C.

Julia said...

This was a charming list of little diddies about you and what you consider important in your life :) So sweet!

Megan Coyle said...

oohh, I like your photos :) And the gallery is such a good idea.

katydiddy said...

What a lovely little post! Sorry I haven't been around much. I do read you regularly though!

mushroommeadows said...

The ring is amazing!! You're right; the mystery behind it makes it all the more beautiful! :)

I love your embroidery, by the way!!!

LornaSmithStudio said...

hey girlfriend...I forgot to tell everyone that I tagged them! better late than never. Had a good weekend, wasn't amazing but heyho X

littlebyRD said...

I love your gallery you have started! It is fun to watch it grow as you find new additions.

bunzi said...

love the ring!

Laura said...

Wonderful photos.