Thursday, 14 August 2008

Inspire me Thursday


This is another piece from my Dancers collecion, and I have been brave and started to list them as prints in my shop. I have also been using them for cards which a going down really well, even getting me a whole sale order from a very special shop.
I am really enjoying this way of working, and they are a subtle contrast to my playful birdie cards, which are the child in me, he he he.

Well I am going to be busy for the next week so I have decided to run a little competition!
I am looking for new artists to discover, so leave me a comment with an artist that inspires you and one of my dancer prints will be heading for a wall near you!
I'll draw a winner on Sunday 23rd August 2008.
Good luck x

Update:Mon 18th August

"Doorway, Old Aberdeen" by lornasmithstudio
Something strange but delightful happened the other day.
I got chatting to one of my neighbours the other day, and you will never guess what, she has an Etsy shop! Her name is Lorna and her shop is lornasmithstudio, where she sells her beautiful art work. She studied Craft and Design at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen and also has a MA (hons) in History of Art. What a talented girl! And how lovely it is to have found a kindered spirit on my doorstep. Plus she is a mean cook too, we went round for tea the other night with her, Mr LSS and their little poppet and we laughed and chatted into the wee small hours. She is in the beginnings of making a nest in blogland too, so I want to wish her lots of blog love, and I'll be keeping an eye on her blog too!


sunnie_fairy said...

edgar degas and lauren child(can we choose two? if we can only pick one, then lauren child)

love your art! love how you used brown. so beautiful

s.l.greek said...

i am a big fan of the ballerina. this piece is wonderful.
hope to see more in the Dancer collection.

Anonymous said...

hi laura,
this is lovely. good luck with the cards on etsy.
i really love angie lewin's work, although sadly i cannot afford a print. she creates beautiful 50's style botanical prints and they just really do it for me... colours and everything.
what a good idea for a competition.hopefully we will all discover some new artists.
warm wishes
ginny x

carla said...

This is so graceful and elegant. I like that you've left the negative space around her - it enhances the delicate butterfly silhouette. Lovely work!

Karen Mowrey said...

All of you dancers are very precious.

Have you ever discovered Michael Israel...he just amazes me. He more of a performer. Try looking for him on Youtube. He spins giant canvases around on stage, all to music, slaps paint on them and within minutes has a masterpiece with a strong powerful statement. (plus his bod is not to shabby on the belt in something) hee hee

of course there are several great artists I adore!

bunzi said...

wow so nice! :) i'll get back to you on the artist. thanks for the sweet comment. you made me smile! :D

bunzi said...

wow so nice! :) i'll get back to you on the artist. thanks for the sweet comment. you made me smile! :D

Wendy said...

Laura these are gorgeous! I love the neutral colors in it. And congrats on the wholesale order too, that is super exciting. There are so many artists I am inspired by.. one of yoo-ii of :)

Anonymous said...

This is lovely. Glad you are offering it in your shop. Lately I have been inspired by many art nouveau pieces.

Kstyles said...

This is beautiful!

Nicole V Lozano said...

She so lovely and elegant

Deb G said...

Really like this a lot. I love the skirt especially.

Sylvia C. said...

I am thinking. I am thinking. I am trying to think of an artist that might inspire you...

What's so funny...I am inspired more by ETSY artist's than the "big book of artists" out there.

That's me, though.

I love your dancers, and even more, I love the serene spirit they transfer...


Sylvia C.

Anonymous said...

Hey there stranger! :) Sorry for the no show lately. Things are crazy, not to mention the new switch to wireless.. which has been a bit stressful to say the least!! Hoping to be normal soon...

Favorite artist?? One is Amy Sol for sure!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I just walked to our city library so I could blog today!! ;) Heehee! I am one determined girlie!

How are you?! I love what you've been doing with your dancers!!