Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Day 9 - Help is at Hand

Della's Yibble Cottage

Made using satin, silks, aqua beads and silver glitter glue

Yesterday the Yibble Liberation Front gained a new member, my little cousin Della. She has been the inspiration for the Yibbles from the start. She is currently working on a little book about them too, creating characters, their cottages and lots of other fine details. So yesterday we met up to do some making with fabric, beads, glitter glue and PVA and she suggested that we made some collage Yibble cottages! She was very clear on how they should look, 1 door for the Yibbles and 2 extra doors for foxes and mice! I had a wonderful time, it has been so long since I just cut and stuck. And I think Della enjoyed it too!

Close up of Della's "Button Collage"

This was my attempt. I have been struggling for weeks to come up with ways to creat the Yibble kingdom and 10 minutes with Della and it all becomes clear! So keep watching, when the Yibbles are Liberated you may well get a little cottage for them too! I would like to say a big thank you to Della for a fab day and all her Yibble help. She asked if I could post her pictures for you all to see and she'll be checking it out very soon, so hello Della P!

I would also like to introduce you all to Eleanor, the wonderful mind behind A good idea on paper. She is a fine artist who specialises in Book art and has a really interesting post about sharing a page from your sketch book. I think this is a great idea, getting to nose into a page of other creative minds and to share the different ways that we all work. Head over and take a look at her beautiful paper dress up doll pages, leave a comment and she'll post up your pages. Get going, I'm sooo nosey and can't wait to see what you are all up to!

This is one of the pages from mine, it is little Olive in Paris! I still love doodling about her and find the different surfaces of the book to really lead me in starange directions. Well I'm off now to walk my pup and get sewing and I'll be back and let you know the date for the Liberation and some more little details. Happy Wednesday x


Eleanor said...

Oh thank you! How sweet! Speak soon. xxx

katydiddy said...

Your Olive and my Sally would make great friends, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

That sounds like an amazing day! The yibble cottages are lovely

Sophie said...

^ Sorry that was me, I seem to be hitting the wrong button alot recently!

Krissy said...

looks like fun! Isn't Eleanor the best ?! :)

mushroommeadows said...

Your Olive is too cute!!! :)

Sad news: the package never came...:( It's too sad. :( Despite it not coming, thank you for the thought. I really could imagine the bracelet...and I so badly wanted it. :(

Anyway, I'm always up for a swap; just let me know if you ever want to, ok?

Again, THANK YOU!! You've been too sweet! :)

blazedanielle said...

Great post!! You certainly have been working hard! :) And hello Olive! What a cutie!! Goodness!