Friday, 9 May 2008

Day 7 - How I got my groove back

My creativity seems to come in waves, some days I can come up with 100's of new ideas and others it is just the same idea over and over again. Over the last few days that has been the Yibbles, but everytime I try the computer shuts down. Now as you have read over the last few posts this has become a pattern. Yesterday, I just sat, and looked at the screen for about an hour and it came to me. I love doing Yibble doodles in my journal, I really love making the fabric ones and I have made quite a few now for family and friends and they are happily in new homes. So, I have decided that their adventures will continue as doodles in my journal and the fabric dolls will be liberated. I am having a Yibble Liberation! So I'm going to set them up in the shop and find them new homes and adventures aroung the world. I have a few to finish today, so later I'll let you see who's who and set a date for a shop update.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours making up birthday cards and pulled out the beautiful fabric remnants I got from starlitnest and decided to work on my birdie collection, and I had such fun. I am going to work on a little range and I'll let you see them finished. Happy Friday :)


Lorajean said...

Laura these cards are looking so great! I also love the Yibble liberation idea! It will turn out so great! I love the sound of that, Yibble liberation, Yibble liberation, Yibble liberation he he! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! A yibble liberation!! Haha!

I totally know how that is! One minute I'm rolling in with new ideas, and the other I'm totally out! Way to do something about it! ;)

Have a fantastic weekend!

mushroommeadows said...

The package still hasn't come. :( I hope it didn't get lost. :( (I'll check the post office this weekend, and maybe it will be there...I'll keep you posted!)

Anyway, I LOVE the cards that you made! fantastic.

the flour loft said...

Hello Laura,
Thank you for saying hi ...nice to meet you. Having never heard of Yibble's before i am off to read more.
Hope you have a happy sunny weekend.