Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Day 6 - the joy of friendship

On Monday one of my bestist friends headed over to cheer me up, armed with cake, books and cheeky chat and she lifted my spirits. Then yesterday the postie delivered a surprise package all the way from the USA! One of my daily reads Katy Diddy sent me a delightful bundle of goodies. I was drawn to her blog because she seems to be using similar tools on her creative path as me and she has a passion for cupcakes too! So Thank you L for brightening my day and for the beautiful goodies :)

The weather here just now is beautiful, warm, clear skies and cut grass scents, and yesterday while I was standing doing the dishes I decided I wanted a little treasure for my window ledge that would remind me of love while I do my least favourite chore. So I toddled off and came up with this.
I popped one of he roses from my wedding bouquet into one of my thrift find jars and took this tiny dragonfly from a card I was given by my Mum. And now I have a little jar of love, to remind me to wash my dishes with love and remember how lucky I am to have clean water to wash with and drink, to have a wonderful man to wash dishes for, and have fresh food to eat and share to dirty my dishes. My wise aunt reminded me of this a few years ago and everytime I forget something brings me back, so now I just have to look at my jar!

I finally got round to creating something with the lovely paper flowers. I opted for a mibile instead of a garland and it now moves with the breeze from a corner of our grandfather clock in the hall.

Things to do today: make anniversary card for Mum and L, make up some new jewellery and work on press release. Happy Wednesday :)


katydiddy said...

I'm so glad you liked everything! I really enjoyed putting it together. I love your little flowers-I think I'm going to have make some too. Have you seen the book, Fanciful Paper Flowers by Sandra Evertson? I think you would love it. Can you tell I'm crazy about books?

Lorajean said...

I need to do that! Dishes are my worst enemy! he he! I am so bad at keeping on top of my dishes, they almost always get a bit over my head (metaphorically speaking).:) I also love your flower mobile! :)