Wednesday, 5 March 2008

At last!

Here they are some new earrings up in the shop! I have had them made up for a while now but just haven't got round to photographing them. But the weather was clear and crisp today so I got some good shots. I love these beads, some of them look painted and have little flashes of contrsting colours with are cute.

Well of now to make up some cards from photos I took of snowdrops in my Mum's garden. She wanted some gift packs to give to friends so I have a little bundle to get ready for the morning. Aren't these beautiful?


Anonymous said...

Yay for new earrings!!! And yay for the most beautiful flower photo I've seen all week! :)

I just love snowdrops!

Anna Laura said...

Looks lovely and the shots are great! I'm always having woes with photographing stuff and I have a nice camera, so it shouldn't be to hard.

sew nancy said...

i had not heard of snowdrops. thanks for introducing me to a new flower as i'm moving soon and will be planning a flower garden.
also, thanks for stopping by my blog today