Friday, 18 January 2008


Here are a few of my new earrings available in the shop.

I have been neglecting my blog!I am so busy just now with all sorts of different things, notelets, canvas commission, wedding stationary commission, book keeping for my bo, my mum and my self, etsy and making new goodies with my lovely new findings. Don't get me wrong I love it all, but I am having to prioritize and really manage my time and unfortunately blog land has had to be put on hold. I have been really busy today I decided I would have a couple of hours off and check in and see what all my 'daily reads' have been up to. Oh what an inspiring bunch!

My bestist buddy Holly has been knitting away since Christmas and reminded me of my neglect to my knitting project, 1 square a day I think it was. I would really like to get back to it but it will have to wait untill I get a few other projects off my list! My mum got a beautiful crochet hat at Christmas time and the gemini and eternal crafter in me said, "I would love to give it a go" and so I have bought myself some goodies from K1Yarns, knitting boutique , a wonderful shop in the west end of Glasgow. I have ordered some beautiful yarn and a crochet hook and I'm sooo excited! I'll let you see it when it arrives.

Hope you all have a fab weekend and I'll retun again on Monday with lots of things crossed off my TTD list.

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