Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Lists, lists, lists!

Well things are now back to order. I have cleared the way for my next lot of commissions and can start work on some more earrings, and most importantly I have been able to score lots of things off my ever growing list! I meant to show you this at Christmas but totally forgot, so here is the beautiful notebook (now things to do book) I got from one of my friends.

Today I listed some new earrings on Etsy, chakra inspired. Chakra are our bodies centre of enery, located in the midline of the body. We have 7 Chakras, each one is represented by a different stone/ crystal.

Chakra Stone Colour

7- Crown - Rock Crystal -White

6- Third Eye- Amethyst- Indigo

5- Throat -Turquoise- Blue

4- Heart -Green Agate- Green

3- Solar Plexus -Citrine -Yellow

2- Navel -Carnelian- Orange

1- Base -Garnet -Red/ Black

What do you think?

I got the yarn I ordered from K1yarn the other day and have been setting aside 10minutes a day to knit. The yarn I am working on is called 'summer fruits' and is made by a company called Colinette I am really enjoying the knitting this time, I think it is because I have inspiring wool this time and am knitting almost as meditation.

While I was on etsy today I read a thread about something and someone mentioned indiepublic so I ad a look around and have set up a page. There are lots of creative people there too and all seem friendly and making lots of fab stuff. Well tomorrow I am going to make a batch of earring to take to a group of folks who bought from me at Christmas and I'll get to use the new beads and finding I got through the other day!!! Yes I have an addiction, but they are just soo beautiful.

Untill then...


katydiddy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I have to say I was taken aback when I saw "Laura B"! My name is Laura Bray & I was thinking did I somehow comment on my own blog? LOL!

I agree, The Artist's Way is life changing! I'll look for the other book you recommended. I also really enjoyed Fools Gold.

Good luck on your artistic journey. Your jewelry is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Lovely yarn colors indeed! :) And thank you for your lovely comment this morning through etsy conversations! It totally made my morning! :) I am very excited for my shop update too! (there is some exciting news on my blog concerning a sale!!)

Hope your Wednesday is going along great! Thanks again for your sweet encouragement!