Thursday, 20 December 2007

New Jewels

It's 2am and I'm still up, I finished making about 12am and have been on etsy listing bracelets and now ordering books on amazon and checkin out my favorite blogs, oh how inspiring!

I ordered new beads last week for some orders I got for 'purple and pinks', so i opted for some more amethyst chips and rose quartz, and some new swarovski crystals in violet, fusha and other pastel colours. I am hapy with the results and made doublers for the shop.

I have as I have maybe mentioned before (lol) been making just a few Christmas cards lately, (approx 139!) which I have just handed over the last of the other night to a very happy customer. But as usual I had not many any up for myself and was stumped for an idea, and then tonight the inspiration/ idea came to me through a chain of events. I mentioned on one of my recent post 'flowers' about the photos for my mum, the hellebore plant, well she decided she wanted 6 cards made up, 3 black and white and 3 in colour. I made them up and look fab, but while i had the image on photoshop i had a wee mess about with it and came up with our 2007 Christmas card!So Happy Christmas to you all!

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Blaze said...

Beautiful Christmas cards Laura! :)
And the new jewels look very elegant indeed! :) Purples and pinks are always pretty jewlery colors!

Also, I noticed that you have Roman Holiday for a favorite movie! :) Totally one of mine too!!