Friday, 14 December 2007

etsy treasury

Really busy so this is just a quicky!
1. Thanks Blaze for the tag, i'll sit tomorrow and get my 7 amazing fact done!
2. Got my fist treaury
3. Got 6 bracelets to make with new stones, amethysts and rose quartz, looking fab, will post them up tomorow
4. My Moo cards arrived today and I love them, been handing them out today and have them at hand for the orders I have to post out.
5. Had amazing tea tonight of chicken with thyme from my garden, onion, garlic and cream, mmmmm
6. Still not got my tree up :(
7. Can't wait for lie in tomorrow :)

Have a lovely weekend x

1 comment:

windycorner said...

Busy lady! Sounds like an amazing day, tho. Isn't it nice to get so much accomplished.