Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Inspire Me Thursday entry Control

I loose control when I see sweets, cakes and chocolate, not to eat them, but I feel the need to photograph them! I qued for 45 minutes to photograph Thornstons chocolates a few years ago for a knitting project I was working on! I love the colours of these liquorus alsorts, bands of sweet and strong colour.


Jen said...

Hi Laura!

Great photo - licorice allsorts always look amazing!

Thanks for your comment! I did reply at my post, but in case you don't go back there, I thought I should drop in and answer your blog ring question!

The blog ring thing is pretty straight forward, and I see you're already a member so that's your first and main step all taken care of! It's just a way for us UK Etsy people who have blogs to be able to find each other, comment on posts and help to spread the word about the UK Etsy bunch, really! I use it to surf the other UK Etsy blogs to see what's out there, what's new and so on.

Hope that helps, holler if there's anything else I can do!

~ Jen :)


Blaze said...

Ohh YUM! These colors look delicious! :) This photograph really captures the candies! I feel like I could reach up and grab them! (And eat them!)

Thank you for adding me to your sidebar! I am very honored! :) I will stop by again soon!

Paula Scott said...

Ah yes, control! I've observed the same thing with myself, in that my best work occurs when I am completely spontaneous.

kimberley said...

I never thought of photographing candy --- but you are right - it is a beautiful riot of color.We have a wonderful hand made candy store down by the beach - I think I will be visiting soon!

Nicole V Lozano said...

ok, now I'm hungry...