Wednesday, 25 January 2012

create . . . . tutorials

If you do nothing else this week you simply must pop by and meet the cheese thief!
This lady is a demon with paper and shows us how to craft and create beautiful things from paper.
These fandabby envelopes look perfect for all our hand made Valentine cards and I am going to try my hand at this super cute bookmark this afternoon.

Thank you The Cheese Thief for sharing your paper wisdom!

images via thecheesethief's blog


Blaze said...

Fun and beautiful! I love that heart one on the bottom! People who can fold like that amaze me! Thanks for sharing!

Pearson Airport Taxi said...

had fun while playing with cards around, i like all of them..thanks for this wonderful sharing

Pearson Airport Taxi

imjd said...

i enjoyed reading your blog and stumbling around

Pearson Airport Taxi

E-Clinical said...

it's really fun to create such cute cards.thanks that you have shared this


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