Thursday, 17 November 2011

Gifts for Girls

Thank you everyone who came along to my Gifts for Girls gathering at the weekend. 
A wonderful weekend was had by all!

Things I learned this weekend
* plan ahead and ask someone to take snaps for me during the gatherings.

* don't go crazy daft with the nibbles. my amazing mum helped me make canapes that could have fed 5000 people, instead of 50! next time I will go for crisps and little cheeky chocolate treats.

* always make 50 more Christmas cards than I think I'll need. i have been doing these parties for the last 5 years and every year I sell all of my cards and take orders. Each year I look at my notes and see how many cards I made last year and add 15 or so. Not any more, plus 50 from now on.

* women love hearts and birds.... no brainer really. i love hearts and birds!

On the home front
Time seems to be flying by and with each day I feel more and more settled into our new home. Everyone keeps saying it takes time to get things to how you want them, and I know that. I suppose that's what made this weekend so special, the front room was transformed from box and ikea bag storage into a warm and cosey room.
I will give you all a guided tour and do some befores and afters too.


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