Tuesday, 26 July 2011

home life

As most of you know I am moving house at the beginning of September. Up until now I have been staying cool, calm and collected, but this week I have begun to get really excited. I will have a garden of my own, to fill with pots of herbs, secret corners and lots of lanterns!

About the same time as my excitement started to bubble I found Pinterest. This site has changed my life and got me bustling with new ideas for projects, recipes and home and garden things! Here is a little selection of some of the projects I am going to tackle when I'm in my new home.

Do you have any tips for moving house?


Amanda@doievenlikethis said...

My favorite packing tip is to use as many things that must go with you as packaging material. ie. wrap dishes in dishtowels. Cuts down on waste!

Beautiful site (+ jewelry), btw!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura! I hope you are well!! I'm back in the blogging world after our move, and wanted to thank you for your sweet comment! We are so happy to be done with school and back home! I look forward to catching up with you and your beautiful blog! xoxo!