Friday, 4 February 2011

Friday foodie

I visited the wonderful  angry chicken blog the other day, and was inspired to dust off my muffin tray! She had made tastey looking Quinoa muffins which she found here on Martha. Luckily I had a bag of the little seed-like stuff in the cupboard so was able to set to work.

I took Amy's advice and added a little spice and sprinkled some cinnamon into the soppy mixture.

I am still a bit new to the world of baking and am at my least conifident as soon as I have to measure things out. I also have some sort of brain defect which makes me mix up tbsp and tsp, making for some interesting creations!

What have you been baking or do you have a recipe you are promising yourself to try?

By this stage I started to wonder if there was enough mix in each case and if they didn't rise then these would be more like flat cakes. I'm sure my confidence will grow with expreience.

My getting personal series has a lot to do with my new found interested in baking too. I have been looking for tastey snaks for 3 o'clock in the afternoon which are not sugar filled and going to have me hungry again in an hour. Quinoa seems to be a special mix of carbs and protein, which helps keep you going for a little bit longer.

I'd love to know what you snack on at 3pm?

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