Sunday, 2 January 2011

:: getting personal ::

I mentioned last week in my last getting personal post that there were a few things I had to get a handle on. My health, my confidence and my independence.
Well things are taking shape already!

:: health :: I have been working out on the wii everyday for 30 minutes.
Santa brought me My Fitness Coach - Dance and I am getting right into it! I have set up a 14 day routine plan and have managed to stick to it so far. Because I am just a beginner the routines are quite short, about 18-19 minutes, so I then pop in the wii fit plus disc and do some hula, boxing and stepping. I am trying to do 15 mins of sweaty stuff on there to keep might heart pounding for the full 30 mins.

Yesterday was my 7th day moving my bum and I have lost 2lb this week!
It is working!

:: confidence :: I don't really know where I'm going with this one, but will let you know when I know!

:: independence :: My L plates!!! I started to learn how to drive just before Christmas and had 3 lessons but the weather got in my way. My instructor said he could take me out but suggested that a sledge would be a better form of transport for the moment! So I have just booked 2 more lessons for this week. I am really enjoying it I just need to master this clutch thing. Why and when I have to use it is still baffeling me, so hopefully by the end of this week I'll have it down!

Back to work officially tomorrow. I have spent this afternoon clearing out my studio making space for packaging up some goodies and getting to work on new designs. I got a delivery of new charms on Christmas eve and now have the time to get working with them.

Is there anything that you haven't had time for lately but are going to get to this week?

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